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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanawake in war countries...

Hua kukiwa na vita katika nchi yoyote wanaoumia more na kupoteza maisha ni women and children, we all know that. Na ni kwa vile group hizi 2 ndo zilizo more vulnerable na kutoweza kujitetea at all. Mwanaume wether awe na mwili wa miraba minne, obese au mwembamba have a way ya ku survive. Kama atakimbia au kupambana.

Some time back kuna website iliandika - after a research nchi 10 mbaya zaidi kwa wanawake. Sawa, Tanzania haipo, ila looohh huruma sana what wanawake wenzetu wanavyopitia. ntaorodhesha below excerpt kutoka kwenye hiyo website. Ambayo ilinifanya nimshukuru Mungu kua kwenye nchi iliyo na amani.


The Ten Worst Countries for Women Today

Afghanistan: The average Afghan girl will live to only 45 – one year less than an Afghan male. After three decades of war and religion-based repression, an overwhelming number of women are illiterate. More than half of all brides are under 16, and one woman dies in childbirth every half hour. Domestic violence is so common that 87 per cent of women admit to experiencing it. But more than one million widows are on the streets, often forced into prostitution. Afghanistan is the only country in which the female suicide rate is higher than that of males.
Democratic Republic of Congo: In the eastern DRC, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has ignited again, with women on the front line. Rapes are so brutal and systematic that UN investigators have called them unprecedented. Many victims die; others are infected with HIV and left to look after children alone. Foraging for food and water exposes women to yet more violence. Without money, transport or connections, they have no way of escape.

Iraq: The U.S.-led invasion to "liberate" Iraq from Saddam Hussein has imprisoned women in an inferno of sectarian violence that targets women and girls. The literacy rate, once the highest in the Arab world, is now among the lowest as families fear risking kidnapping and rape by sending girls to school. Women who once went out to work stay home. Meanwhile, more than 1 million women have been displaced from their homes, and millions more are unable to earn enough to eat.
Nepal: Early marriage and childbirth exhaust the country's malnourished women, and one in 24 will die in pregnancy or childbirth. Daughters who aren't married off may be sold to traffickers before they reach their teens. Widows face extreme abuse and discrimination if they're labelled bokshi, meaning witches. A low-level civil war between government and Maoist rebels has forced rural women into guerrilla groups.
Sudan: While Sudanese women have made strides under reformed laws, the plight of those in Darfur, in western Sudan, has worsened. Abduction, rape or forced displacement have destroyed more than 1 million women's lives since 2003. The janjaweed militias have used systematic rape as a demographic weapon, but access to justice is almost impossible for the female victims of violence.
Guatemala: The impoverished female underclass of Guatemala faces domestic violence, rape and the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa. An epidemic of gruesome unsolved murders has left hundreds of women dead, some of their bodies left with hate messages.
Mali: One of the world's poorest countries, few women escape the torture of genital mutilation, many are forced into early marriages, and one in 10 dies in pregnancy or childbirth.

Pakistan: In the tribal border areas of Pakistan women are gang-raped as punishment for men's crimes. But honour killing is more widespread, and a renewed wave of religious extremism is targeting female politicians, human rights workers and lawyers.
Saudi Arabia: Women in Saudi Arabia are treated as lifelong dependents, under the guardianship of a male relative. Deprived of the right to drive a car or mix with men publicly, they are confined to strictly segregated lives on pain of severe punishment.
Somalia: In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a vicious civil war has put women, who were the traditional mainstay of the family, under attack. In a society that has broken down, women are exposed daily to rape, dangerously poor health care for pregnancy, and attack by armed gangs.
"While the potential of women is recognized at the international level," says World Health Organization director-general Margaret Chan, "this potential will not be realized until conditions improve – often dramatically – in countries and communities. Too many complex factors, often rooted in social and cultural norms, continue to hinder the ability of women and girls to achieve their potential and benefit from social advances."

Sijui niseme nini, but all these made me cry, lakini kulia hakusaidii anything. What can we do about it?
It begins with you.... Kama una wazo lolote feel free kuchangia na tusaidiane in this...

Much love

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Songs That have seen us through mambo mbali mbali...

Mzima jamani? Wakati we are growing up - as women - kuna mambo kibao hua tunapitia. Love - of coz, Heart Break.. ( This goes hand in hand with love - in a bitter kinda way ), Matumaini ( hii ni baada ya heart break ), When we feel spiritual ( ukaribu na Muumba wetu ), Loss of mtu wa karibu nasi ( Parents, friends etc.. ), When una hasira na kadhalika.. I think the above ndo tumepitia mara nyingi zaidi. Au wewe labda ulipitia zaidi ya those? U can help me list them down..
Anyway, One of the things vilivyonisaidia mie binafsi to go through these times ni NYIMBO. I'm on of those people who had and still nina nyimbo for each occassion. So kwa wale walio close to me - wakiskia tu nikicheza a certain song - either home, through my simu au sometime on radio ( don't tell anyone ) - wanajua huyuu duu leo she's very happy or sad or whatever..

Some of the songs na wasanii walionisaidia mimi kupitia different "emotions" (allow me to call them hivyo) ni pamoja na Toni Braxton - album ya Toni Braxton, Secrets na The heat ... When i was in love kwa mara ya kwanza - uuuwwiii - You Mean The World To Me ya Toni Braxton - and Whitney Houston - I'll Always Love you, Faith Evans - Love Like This and I'll Never Let you Go - almanusura zigome. Hearbreak zangu - How Could An Angel Break My Heart ya Toni Braxton, Kelis - I hate you so much right now, Usher Raymond - Separated, Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor, Heart Break Hotel - Whitney Houston...  ( oohh the memories ) .. When is happy - Whitney Houston - aaaah i wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the heat with somebody.. (mwenzangu...) .. And When i lost my mum, Wimbo wangu ulikua - Kifo Hakina Huruma - Remmy Ongala and then I heard Khadja Nin - Sambolera ( sauti yake inanifanya nilie but also gives me hope) and DMX and Faith Evans - I Miss You...

Kuna albums ambazo weirdly enough zilikua zina a song for every occassion... Usher Raymond - 8701, Toni Braxton - The Heat, Secrets, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston - My Love is Your Love, Celine Dion - All The Way, etc etc

Kumbuka hapo sijataja nikiwa na mood ya ku -party! hehehhe.. The list is endless... Anyway I'm sure wewe pia you have nyimbo, wasanii na album that saw you through kila ulichopitia. Sio mbaya tukakumbushana.. Name some..

Have a lovely lovely day,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leo Nakupa Siri....

Kwema? As a woman outlook hua ni muhimu sana tu, despite wao kusema kua Inner beauty ni muhimu zaidi.. Vaa matambara kisha tuone hiyo inner beauty kama itaonekana.. Im just being honest hapa... Heheheh..
Anyway kuna a friend of mine anaitwa Rehema Ngamilo, I've known her for years... Rehema started bringing bidhaa za wanawake from states a few years back,, kiutani utani tu. Mapochi, shoes, clothes na accessories. Nili notice one thing from vitu alivyokua analeta - uniqueness.. Vitu anavyoleta - stand out.. I buy my stuff kwenye duka lake linaitwa Navo's Choice

Duka lipo Mikocheni Tanesco karibu na Barclays Bank... Something else i love about Navo's Choice ni prices..

And this shop has kila aina ya nguo that us women need in our daily lives - from casuals, official (suits included), Dinner dresses etc.....

Pia Rehema wa Navo's Choice anastukiaga new colours mapemaaaa.. I remember nilinunua a dinner dress ya "Green" mwaka juzi - This year ndo i found out kua thats not green its "Teal"... ahahahahh! Ushambaaaaa!!!

Kwa mfano right now Jeans dresses zimerudi - si nilizikuta pale - bila hili wala lile sikuzitilia maanani.. After 4 days nikaona kwa kua jeans dresses are back.. Nikirudi Navo's Choice nakuta wenye akili walishakwapua! Loh!

Kuna jambo ambalo husababisha many women kushonesha au kununua nguo za mtumba... Kutofanana kwa mishono.. Just so you know Navo's Choice wakileta nguo za kufanana sio zaidi ya 2 and zinakua different sizes! If you think about it hadi ukutane na huyo mwingine who bought the same exact dress or pair of shoe as you... mmmmhhh... Might not happen..

Na shoes pia.... Anyway, Drop by Navo's Choice hapo Mikocheni Tanesco pale kuna maduka mengi mengi karibu na Barclays Bank... And chek it out.. Kwa information zaidi wasiliana nami....

Clutches, bangles, pete.. ooh Na shades za Jessica Simpson..

Wanasema - Vizuri Kula na Wenzio... Hehhehehehehhe. I did my part - will you do yours?

Have a lovely day,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Women - Chambo Kusafirisha Drugs

I hope ulikua na weekend njema - whatever that you did I hope ulitenga muda wa ku-spend na family yako. Nimepata fursa ya kupitia gazeti la Tanzania Daima this mornning ambapo caption ya juu kabisa - front page ni hiyo iliyopo kwenye title yetu ya leo...

I quote... "Wataalamu wa Tume ya Taifa ya Kudhibiti Mihadarati iliyowasilisha mada na kuonyesha mikanda ya video kwa wabunge juzi mjini Dodoma, ndio waliofichua mbinu hii. "Hivi sasa wasafirishaji wameanza kuwatumia wanawake kwa kuwa matumbo yao yana uwezo wa kubeba mzigo mkubwa zaidi kuliko wanaume."   Wataalamu hao walibainisha kuwa wanawake wana uwezo wa kutunza mimba ambayo mtoto anaweza kuzaliwa na zaidi ya kilo moja; hivyo inakuwa rahisi kwa mwanamke kubeba mzigo mzito, ndiyo maana wamekuwa kivutio kikubwa kwa wafanyabiashara wa mihadarati"

Mmmhhh.. Kuna utata hapa... Ninavyojua mimi Women wana matumbo mawili - Stomach ya kawaida ya chakula na Tumbo la uzazi - Womb au Uterus ambapo kulingana na online dictionary inasema ni - . A hollow muscular organ located in the pelvic cavity of female mammals in which the fertilized egg implants and develops. Also called womb.

Sasa hawa wataalamu wetu wanatoaje kigezo kua a woman can carry a child tumboni kwake kwa hiyo ukubwa wa uwezo wa tumbo la mwanamke is what inapelekea hawa wauza mihadarati kutumia wanawake. Wanaongelea tumbo lipi? Even if mimi as a woman nina tumbo kubwa it does'nt mean kuwa naweza kula Unga wa ugali wa kilo nzima na zaidi!
Plus Mtoto hakai kwenye stomach ya kawaida jamaniiiii.... Anakaa kwenye womb ndo inaweza kutanuka slowly as the foetus grows.. And kama wanaingiza hizo drugs kwenye womb wanaingizaingizaje?
Hawa wataalamu jamani mi nawaonea au what do you think? Tena wamewasilisha bungeni? Jamaniiiii...
Tell me what you think.....  

Have a blissfull day

Friday, August 19, 2011

For the woman ...

 By Vernon J. Davis Jr.











Have a blessed weekend...
               By Wak                          
 BEAUTIFUL  BLACK  WOMAN                  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's ok kuota...

Im proud kusema kua - kwenye swala hili.. Sooo many women wameweza ku follow their dreams and in the process kutupa sie wanawake wengine motivation and for us kutambua kua - Its only right to dream, follow our dreams and achieving them.
From kina FLorence Nightangle wa miaka 18 kweusi, Marie Curie ( mambo ya physics na chemistry) na mwanamke wa kwanza kushinda Nobel Prize, Fashion designer Coco Chanel ( Listed by TIME magazine as one of the top 100 influential people of the Twentieth Century ),  Annie Besant ( Alikua anafanya campaign za social justice na pia an advocate of women's rights), I cant forget Mother Theresa, Dorothy Hodgkin aliyesaidia kwenye uvumbuzi wa structure ya Penicillin na insulin ambayo ilisaidia a lot na ku improve Health care, Rosa Parks - ukaidi wake kukataa kumpisha mzungu kwenye kiti cha basi ukapelekea the most significant civil rights legislation of American history, BIllie Holiday 'The Fist Lady Of Blues" na wengine weeeengggiiiii... Nisije ishia kuandika novel tu hapa.

Coco Channel

Anyway my point ni kua - hawa wanawake wote hapa walikua na ndoto na wao kujipush na kuweza ku achieve ndoto zao kulibadilisha mambo mengi - lakini the most important ni Wanawake kuchukuliwa more seriously. Huko ni kwa wenyewe. Turudi nyumbani.

Who motivates you, wewe kama mwanamke? Who inspires you? Who do you admire? Usinitajie majina ya kidhungu mie. Im not trying kua racists, I just want na sisi tuwe na our own heroes, our own women movers and shakers. Nitajie wa hapa Tanzania. Industry zipo nyingi tu , so feel free kumtaja yeyote. From Medicine to Politics, Media to Social Work, Sports to Law, Music to Administration, etc etc.....

Tumuweke Mwanamke wa Kitanzania Juu on a steeple - where she belongs...
Namalizia hiviiii...

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swali kwako....

Umeshawahi kusikiliza Wimbo wa Tundaman - Starehe Gharama? I totally love that song... Basically kwa sababu unaongelea ukweli mtupu! I mean kiukweli - Hua una spend how much kwenye starehe? Jaribu kufanya mahesabu.. Last weekend kuanzia Friday hadi Sunday - How much did you spend? Ongezea Transport, Kama ulinunua a new outfit, drinks, ulizonunulia washkaji, smokes, kiingilio cha ulikokwenda.. bla bla etc etc... Imekua how much? Heheheh Starehe Gharama!

Haya, now lets think as women... Ujue kuwa mwanamke ni gharama kubwa sana! Staki kutaja everything manake ni vingi mno. So kwa leo nitagusia mavazi. Kama mwanamke, unahitaji mavazi tofauti tofauti. Wakati unapanga wardrobe yako una classify outfits zako vipi na kwa misingi ipi? Nguo za Church/Mosque, Evening Wear, Girls Night Out, Casual, Za kushindia home, Night Dress... hehehe . The list is endless... How much do you spend kwenye kila class ya vivazi hivi?
Be honest kwenye ku comment and kubaliana nami tu.. Kua Mwanamke Gharama.. Looh!!!!

PS. Nataka kutoa Remix ya Starehe Gharama - Itaitwa Mwanamke Gharama.. Kwa yeyote atakayependa ku feature kwenye wimbo huo tafadhali contact me!

LOL... xoxo
Have a blessed day..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Make Up

Hello my dears,
Kama mwanamke wa the 21st century, moja ya vitu that we can't evade ni make up. Kwa hili naongelea wanja, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss/ shine/ stick na vikorokoro vingine kibao! Ila the big question is - tunajua make up hizi zinatengenezwa na which ingredients? Last week kwenye Power Breakfast ya Clouds fm kulikua na habari kua mwaka ujao South Africa wataanza kuuza "foreskin" ya vichanga vilivyotairiwa zitakazouzwa Ulaya kutengenezea cosmetics. I was very interested nikataka nijue hiyo foreskin inasaidia nini.. I found out kua foreskin ni mojawapo ya ingredients inayotumika kwenye kuondoa makunyanzi - wrinkles! Really!

Nikataka kujua more weird ingredients zinazotumika kwenye cosmetics! Nilichokaje?
1. Ambergris - Matapishi ya Whale - Nyambizi! ( run to the loo ukatapike ) - Ipo kwenye most perfumes

2. Placenta - Nyumba ya uzazi! ( uwwwiiii) - Wrinkle remover ( sikuweza kuweka pic.. it's soo GROSS)
3. Kinyesi cha ndege
4. Mafuta ya kupikia yaliyotumika - face creams, moisturizers
5. Bull Semen ( Yuuuuucccckkkk - katapike tena ) - Shampoo, Conditioner
6. Sumu ya nyoka ( Looh! hii pia ya kuondoa wrinkles )
7. Kinyesi cha ng'ombe ( mtatuua jamani - hii si ni manure? )
8. Human Foreskin - Anti-wrinkle cream
9. Bone Marrow ya kuku - Face cream, moisturiser
10. Magamba ya samaki - (naskia harufu ya shombo) - Nail polish, lipstick ( running to the loo kutapika ) - Mwisho wa mabusu! hahahaha!
11. Mijifuta ya Konokono! ( aaarrrggghhh!!! )

I'm sure hiyo list got you asking which is worse? Matapishi ya whale, bull semen kinyesi au human fore skin? duuu... Urembo taaabu..
Despite all this... wanawake still have to look beautiful - najua tutaendelea kutumia. hehehhehe

Have a blessed week.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Names za watoto wetu....

Naomba samahani - because I've been quite kwa muda... Hizi kazi duuu... But sooner than later ntakua poa. Secondly asanteni wote who commented and gave me ideas through blog ya a dear friend and colleague 
Thirdly - Naingia kwenye point yangu kwa leo... For us women - Tukiwa wajawazito siku hizi we can easily tell sex ya mtoto mapema tu kupitia ultra sound hospitalini katika wiki ya 20 hadi 28. Ila pia kuna namna nyingine ( i hear people talking about ) eti wanakuangalia mtoto kaegemea wapi zaidi - ikiwa kulia - its a boy. Ikiwa kushoto - a girl. Eti because Hawa alitoka ubavu wa kushoto wa Adam. Heheheh. I dont believe this.
Anyway kuna pia namna nyingine -
  • Chinese Lunar Calendars. Huku hua wanaangalia Age ya mama wakati mimba ikitungwa pamoja na mwezi. Check it out.

  • Wengine wanaangalia mapigo ya mtoto aliye tumboni  fetal heart rate   Eti mapigo yakiwa 140 na zaidi ni mtoto wa kike, yakiwa chini ya hapo ni wa kiume.

  • All in all hii ilikua tu by the way. My point zaidi ilikua ni wakati wa  kumpa mtoto jina. Je hua munashauriana na mumeo/mkeo jina la mtoto? Na labda how do you choose? Ile style ya zamani - unampa mtoto jina la bibi, babu, shangazi, mjomba? I doubt this, as siku hizi watoto wana majina ya kileo sana. Utaskia Brandon, Kimberly, Jerome, Olivia, Willow, Brandy, Cynthia, Vanessa, Chantelle, Zoe, Durron, Laquisha, Shaniqua, Lucinda, Dwayne, Le Bron, Romeo, Ethan... Aaah too many.. Ongezea tu nawe ukikumbuka.. heheheh.
    Anyway - Nilikua nauliza - for example - mumeo ndo kachagua jina la mtoto wa kike... Do you investigate hilo jina kwa nini amelichagua? Do you ever wonder kama LABDA ni jina la ex girlfriend wake maybe? Na LABDA ukishachunguza na kujua kua ni la ex girlfriend utambadilisha mtoto jina? Heheheh .. Patamu hapa.. But well, I was just thinking out loud tu...

    Siku njema...
    xoxo Barbara Hassan

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    Promises (Ahadi) Vs Surprises......

    How are you?  I hope weekend ilikwenda poa. Star yangu ni Saggitarius (Mshale) - Moja kati ya characteristics za Saggitarius ni kutokua na subira.. I'm so impatient hadi inakera wale walio close to me. Yaani ukinitamkia tu utaniambia au to bring me something mbona utajuta? Constant calls na sms nikiulizia every single day. "Mambo, Jamaniiii... hiyo zawadi vipiiiiii" au "Mbona ur keping me in suspence? Utaniambia lini"   Yaaani napata kiherehere, kimuhemuhe, shauku, kiraruraru etc... Naona kama nimenyimwa kuona mbingu! Taabu tupu... Sipendi kabisa that waiting moment... manake kwangu hua inapelekea mie kuvunjika moyo (dissapointed)
    Ila huyo ni mimi.....I prefer kufanyiwa surprise... Kama unataka kuniletea zawadi - usiniambie... ni-surprise tu... Kama kuna jambo unataka kunambia - dont tell me - utaniambia baadaye au siku nyingine. Just tell me hapo hapo and get it over with.

    Kuna wengine - labda wewe - ukiahidiwa jambo una uwezo wa kusubiri hadi aliye kupromise atapoamua kukwambia. And labda wewe ni mtu usiyependa surprises so unapendelea zaidi kuahidiwa... Binadamu kweli tuko tofauti sana...
    Ila when all is said and done - wewe unapendelea nini zaidi? Kusubiria ahadi au uwe surprised? Na sababu zipi zinapelekea wewe kua hivyo?

    Would love to hear from you....
    Nawatakia wiki njema na baraka tele.


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