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Friday, November 25, 2011

Are You Ready For Diva's Night?


D.I.V.A - Demu Intelligent very Ambitious

This saturday mambo yamekuwa mambo. If you think you can dance yaani Best Dancing Diva - Unaweza jishindia *  GrooveBack Night membership card + Micromax Phone + A Bottle of Baileys + Products from Oriflame

Kwa atayependeza kushinda woooote yaani -    *Best Dressed Diva -atashinda - Shopping Voucher from Navo’s Choice + MicroMax Phone + A Bottle of Baileys + Products from Oriflame

Kuna zawadi nyingine kibao - How utazishinda? Fika Nyumbani Lounge from saa 3 usiku hadi saa 6 usiku na utaingizwa kwenye Droo. And unaweza shinda the following:

-  Massage and pedicure/manicure voucher – Teddzzz Salon

- Gift Hamper – Jackz Cosmetics

- Baileys Bottles

- Round of Drinks from Nyumbani Lounge
- Products from Oriflame
- Shopping Voucher from Chocolate Princess
Dress to impress - si unajua tunavyosemaga... If You Got It Flaunt It!!! Manake kutakua na Red Carpet. Pamoja na yooooote kutakua na a Beautician kutoka Oriflame atatufanyia skin test na make up for free kwa watakaopenda....
Show off the DIVA in you this saturday...

PS. Dont Forget your Business Card....

A peek at Micro Max phones...

Remember - Kiingilio ni Shiling elf 10 tu....
C you at Grooveback Diva's Night..

Diva kisses your way...

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